Changing Lives

"Changing Lives" is a program specifically designed to assist medical professionals in giving a diagnosis of Down syndrome to a new parent or parent-to-be. The information on this page has been compiled to assist you in delivering these diagnoses in the most caring and compassionate way possible.


The Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio desires to help families get the most current information available about Down syndrome. We are committed to making this journey as worry-free as possible for parents. We do this by providing new parents and expectant families with our New Parent packet. These materials can be requested by your office or clients themselves.


"Changing Lives" also provides in-service training to medical professionals, providing them with information about the potential children with Down syndrome have for the future.  Should you have any questions or if you would like to have this information presented to your staff, please contact DSACO at (614) 263-6020 or e-mail


Resources and Studies Provided by the "Changing Lives" Program

• Guidelines for Presenting a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome (pdf format)

• New and Expecting Parent Information 

• Adoption information 


Journal Studies:


• Prenatally diagnosed Down Syndrome:  mothers who continued their pregnancies evaluate their health care providers (.pdf) (American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2005)

• Mothers of children with Down Syndrome Reflect on their Postnatal Support (pdf format) (Pediatrics, Vol. 115, No. 1, Jan. 2005) 


Down Syndrome Healthcare Guidelines:


• Neonatal through Adult  (pdf format) 

• Graph Record Sheet (pdf format) 

• Preventative Medical Checklist for Individuals with Down Syndrome (pdf format)


Growth Charts:


• Boys Neonatal - 3yrs (pdf format) 

• Boys 2yrs - 18yrs (pdf format) 

• Girls Neonatal - 3yrs (pdf format) 

• Girls 2yrs - 18yrs (pdf format) 


Developmental Resources:


• Feeding  

• Speech & Communication  

• Checklist for toilet training readiness (pdf format)